Chicago Cubs Reach Deal with Carlos Pena

It looks like the Chicago Cubs have found a new first baseman.

The Cubs continued negotiations with Carlos Pena's superagent Scott Boras late into the night on Tuesday, with the expectations of finalizing a deal Wednesday morning. The contract is said to be worth $10 million over one year.

Whatever the price, they're definitely in the market after trading Derrek Lee to the Atlanta Braves back in August.

Pena, who will always have some value as a left-handed hitter, has seen his batting average slowly decline over the last four seasons. However, he has still managed to average 36 home runs and 100 RBI over that span, ranking him among the best first basemen in the game.

Unfortunately, Pena hit just .196 with 28 longballs and 18 doubles last season for the Tampa Bay Rays. Maybe a change of scenery will get him back on track?

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David Lingholm said...

He's a clutch second half guy, which made his time in Detroit so frustrating to Tigers fans. He'd have his best numbers when nothing was on the line.