Babes Love Baseball's Top 10 MLB Stories of 2010

It was a hell of a season. In case you've forgotten what was so great about it in the aftermath of yet another year when your team did not win the World Series, here is a list of the Top 10 things that we believe made the 2010 baseball season wonderful, memorable, and oftentimes hilarious. In no particular order.

10. Suffering from Over the Hill Syndrome, Ken Griffey Jr. nodded off in the clubhouse and slept right through a pinch hit appearance. A few weeks later, The Kid retired after 21 illustrious seasons in the game. [Not Now Kids, Grandpa's Trying to Nap]

9. The New York Yankees failed miserably at acquiring the studly Cliff Lee. High fives all around. [Cliff Lee Reunites with the Philadelphia Phillies]

8. In what has been deemed the Year of the Pitcher, Armando Gallaraga was robbed blind and threw the very first 28-out no-hitter in the history of the game. [Screw You, Jim Joyce]

7. Philadelphia Phillies fans were completely out of control by the first week of June. Dude, Chase Utley is not going to have a catch with you. [Stay Classy, Philadelphia]

6. Stephen Strasburg came out guns blazing this Spring, striking out everyone and their mother. Then, he was forced to end his season and the next by undergoing Tommy John surgery. Bummer. [National(s) Day of Mourning]

5. Though Roy Halladay's perfect game back in May was super-duper special, tossing a no-hitter in his very first post season appearance against the Cincinnati Reds in Game One of the NLDS was also pretty badass. [Roy Halladay is a Beast]

4. Before the season even began, Milton Bradley almost made Cubs GM Jim Henry's head explode... and the guy wasn't even on his team anymore. Obviously, this prompted us to make a list of all the crazy shit MB has done over his career. Never a dull moment. [The Milton Bradley Insanity Timeline]

3. This season marked the 100th anniversary of the ceremonial first pitch, which is pretty cool. And embarrassing. [100 Years of Throwing Like a Girl]

2. Bryce Harper brings his industrial-sized can of eye black to save the Washington Nationals. [Bryce Harper is a Badass]

1. Not only did the Texas Rangers finally make it out of the first round of the playoffs, but the San Francisco Giants actually won the World Series. We heart Big Tim Timmy Jim. [Way to Go, San Francisco Giants]

Last but not least, this just made us laugh.

What were some of your favorite memories of this past season?


shannon said...

Jim Thome's walk-off 2-run tater against the Chicago White Sox on August 17, 2010, in the bottom of the 10th inning, securing a sweet, sweet win and a place in Minnesota Twins history.