Get Your Crap Together, Brooks Conrad

When your team is smack-dab in the middle of a pennant race and you literally help put two runs on the board for the opposing team, it's time to either get your head out of your rear or ride the bench.

Do slump busters work for fielding too?

Atlanta Braves second baseman Brooks Conrad committed not one, not two, but THREE ERRORS during his team's 3-2 loss on Sunday to the San Francisco Giants, who are now ahead 2-1 in the series and threatening to eliminate Bobby Cox's last hope for a World Series title.

Conrad bobbled a grounder in the first, dropped a piece-of-cake pop-up in the second that scored a run, and then he made the most embarrassing fielding error of all: a ground ball rolled through the guy's legs in the ninth inning of a tie ballgame. Right through the wickets to allow the winning run.

I honestly wanted to cry for the guy. But since there's no crying in baseball, I could only sit there in complete and utter awe of the debacle. Conrad didn't have much to say after the loss:
I wish I could just dig a hole and sleep in it.
Man, that's depressing.

He will not be back out there for the ever-important game four tonight at 6:30pm ET at Turner Field. The Braves are going with Omar Infante leading off and playing second base while Troy Glaus will bat seventh and play third, presumably because there's no way in hell Conrad will be mentally or emotionally capable of focusing on baseball this evening.



Anonymous said...

I am so sad for him.