A-Rod Finally Hits 600

We've been oh so tired, recovering from at the Twins and Pins Charity Bowling Classic last week, so forgive us for ignoring you, our dear readers.

In the past week, we've let the trade deadline come and go, injuries have happened, and the sports news world was all abuzz because Alex Rodriguez was sitting at 599 homeruns for what seemed like an eternity. Well now, maybe baseball writers will finally have something better to talk about because he finally hit number 600.

A-Rod joins just 6 other players in history to have reached the milestone, and is 7th on the all time home run leader list. He's just 9 behind #6, Sammy Sosa, and still 30 behind #5 Ken Griffey, Jr. Rodriguez is the youngest player (at age 35) to join the 600 Club. He's also admitted to using steroids from 2001 - 2003 while playing with the Texas Rangers, with whom he hit 156 of his 600. Steroids or not, he'd still be at 444, which would put him at 35th all time. Not too shabby.

No matter your feelings on him as a player, this is a huge day in homerun history. Congratulations, A-Rod!

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