K-Rod Kicked His Future Father-in-Law's Ass

At one point or another many of you may have pondered beating the living crap out of your father-in-law. But do you? Most likely not... your wife would probably be pretty pissed off.

Good news: you can now live out your dream vicariously through Francisco Rodriguez.

According the police, the New York Mets closer was arrested and charged with third-degree assault late Wednesday night after "a scuffle" with his girlfriend's dad at Citi Field. One reporter who witnessed the ordeal tried to ask what was up and K-Rod replied:
Mind your own fucking business.
While K-Rod didn't exactly beat the crap out of his in-law, the man was transported to the hospital with a scrape on his face, swelling above his right eyebrow, and a bump on his head. Rodriguez was being held at the ballpark early Thursday.

A short timeline of the 28-year-old reliever's history of excitability while with the Mets:

June 2009: has to be separated from Yankees reliever Brian Bruney before a game after talking smack about each other in the media the day before.

July 2009: argues on the team bus with former Mets official Tony Bernazard, who was later fired by the Mets amid several allegations of him being a jerk.

May 2010: spazzes on bullpen coach Randy Niemann before taking the hill during the subway series finale. No one really knows what that was all about.

August 2010: Bitch-slaps his father-in-law and gets arrested.

Calm down, K-Rod. The Mets are pretty awful, and you've blown five saves this season, but your 4-2 record and 2.24 ERA is decent, all things considered.

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Megs said...

You nailed it when you say many guys would like to take a shot at their father-in-law. Doesn't the same go for ladies and their mothers-in-law?? :)