Blah Blah Steroids... What do YOU think?

Dearest BLB readers,

I just had to take a moment to ask your thoughts on Roger Clemens being indicted. Do you think he's delusional enough to believe that he never used anything? Do you think he'll go to prison? Do you think he deserves to go to prison if he's found guilty? What about that creepy Brian McNamee keeping all those DNA covered syringes? Do you think McNamee had planned to screw Clemens all along? Do you think Barry Bonds is next on the list to be indicted?

Personally, I think Clemens a dumbass. I think Congress had much better things to do than to deal with something that MLB should have been dealing with. You know.. things like the failing economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, people losing their homes. But no, they had to get to the bottom of all that cheating going on by all those players before they could tackle those other, less important issues.

Do I believe that Clemens used steroids or HGH or some other form of PEDs? Absolutely. Do I believe that he believes he didn't? Maybe. Do I think he deserves to go to prison? No. He may have cheated at baseball, but that is not grounds to go to prison. Sure, the charges are actually for lying to Congress, but I think that the charges are stemming from the pain and disappointment that baseball fans feel for finding out that 99% of the excitement of post-strike era baseball through the early 2000's was fueled by PEDs, and that the majority of their favorite players were a bunch of cheaters.

If his lawyer had any kind of brain, he would have said "Roger, how about you just shut your mouth. If you think Andy Pettitte and Brian McNamee are really spreading rumors about you, maybe you should fight them in the parking lot after school and NOT go under oath in front of Congress." But apparently, Roger's lawyer needs a refresher on not allowing his clients to perjure themselves. And now, he's been indicted for lying and for disappointing millions of fans.

It's bad enough that his Hall of Fame worthy(*) career is now suspect and almost meaningless, but the Rocket shouldn't be locked up for being stupid and arrogant. But I'm also among those who think Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame (despite being stupid and a liar as well).

That's my two cents. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about this.

If you'd like to hear what The Rocket has to say for himself after being indicted,

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Anonymous said...

I think he's a shithead cheaterface that should be fined 50% of his entire savings.