Benches Clear After Phillips Pops Off

A day after Brandon Phillips referred to the St. Louis Cardinals as a bunch of bitches, the dugouts and bullpens emptied in Cincinnati.

During the first inning of their Tuesday night game, the second baseman got into it with Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina in the batter's box. Phillips took off his helmet and Molina removed his mask as things got heated.

Both benches and bullpens cleared, and a shoving-match ensued as Tony La Russa and Dusty Baker yelled at each other among the players before they both were ejected.

Reds third baseman Scott Rolen went after Monday night's winning pitcher Chris Carpenter near the edge of the crowd, and the two ended up smooshed against the backstop. Tuesday's starter for the Reds, Johnny Cueto, wound up with his back against the backstop as well, kicking and screaming like a crazy person to get free from the mob. However, he may have ended up kicking backup catcher Jason LaRue in the face. Oops.

The madness lasted seven minutes before Rolen apologized to Carpenter and play resumed. Molina jacked a solo shot off Cueto in the second, fist-pumping as he crossed the plate and pointed to the sky. Sweet, sweet retribution.

Update: Apparently, LaRue was injured bad enough during the melee for the team to call up Steven Hill from Double-A Springfield to replace him if need be.

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Brook said...

I agree with Brandon Phillips. LaRussa and the Cardinals are whiny bitches.