White Sox The Club Premieres Sunday

The highly-anticipated Chicago White Sox reality show The Club premieres on MLB Network -- the greatest channel ever in the history of television -- Sunday at 9pm ET.

Personally, I'm pretty pumped. Sure, as a Twins fan, I'm supposed to despise the White Sox. I'm not supposed to like their manager either. Unfortunately, Ozzie Guillen is just too awesome. And how could anyone not love Carlos Quentin or Paul Konerko? Mercy!

As Ed Price of MLB Fanhouse put it:
MLB Network got full access to a group that includes the game's most entertaining manager, Ozzie Guillen, and its most unpredictable GM.
Yes. Love them or hate them, the White Sox are hands-down the best candidate in the game for a documentary that gives fans a side of the game they rarely, if ever, get to experience.

It's just a shame that it will be aired on cable television, where bleeping censorship is still a staple. Speaking of... remember this rant from back in May of 2007? Hilarious.

Check out the official trailer for The Club here.

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Megs said...

I can't wait for this show. It'll be interesting to see how things pan out between Guillen and Williams since they were apparently not getting along earlier last month!