Enjoy Tonight's 2010 MLB All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star game is still an exhibition, but it means more than any other All-Star game in any other sport. The winning league of tonight's 8pm ET game on FOX will gain home field advantage in the World Series. Kind of a big deal, as it has been since the game ended horribly in a 7-7 tie in 2002 at Miller Park.

Some changes to this year's contest include the adoption of the designated hitter, regardless of what league's ballpark is holding the event. This means pitchers won't have to worry about injuring themselves on a whiff and one more National League slugger gets a shot at making the roster.

Also, catchers can be reinserted into a game after they are removed and managers will be able to designate one position player who can re-enter so everyone has a chance to play... and also so they don't run out of players.

Check out the roster and Marea's All-Star post here.

Too bad for the state of Arizona and Chase Field that the majority of Hispanic players plan on boycotting the 2011 All-Star game thanks to Governor Jan Brewer's new immigration law which states that if an individual is arrested or detained for breaking the law and the arresting officer has suspicion that the individual may be an illegal immigrant, he or she has the right to ask for identification that verifies that person’s citizenship.

Racial profiling much? The law is set to go in effect July 29.

Nearly 30 percent of the men who play major league baseball are of Hispanic descent, including Milwaukee Brewers right-hander Yovani Gallardo, who was quoted as saying, "If the game is in Arizona, I will totally Boycott." He's not alone: Kansas City Royals pitcher Joakim Soria, Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde, and Toronto Blue Jays utilityman Jose Bautista also support the boycott if the game is not moved to another location, which Bud Selig will almost certainly refuse to do.

On a lighter note, Glee star Amber Riley will perform the National Anthem and the Canadan Tenors will do their thing at tonight's Midsummer Classic before Hall of Fame legend Rod Carew throws out the Ceremonial first pitch. Colbie Caillat will be singing God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch.

So will the Senior Circuit halt their 13-year skid or will the American Leaguers pull it off again? We want your predictions!

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Megs said...

It's hard to argue with the NL roster and pitching staff, but I'm going with the American League.