The Amazing David Price

David Price pitched into the eighth inning of his team's 6-4 win for a sweep of the Boston Red Sox to become the American League’s first 12-game winner. Badass.

The 24-year-old lefty was dominant at Tropicana Field Thursday, allowing just two runs on eight hits, walking one and fanning 10 for his 100th strikeout of the season. Rays skipper Joe Maddon had this to say about Price's mean heater:

David pitched I'd say 90 percent with the fastball. He did throw a couple of hooks, changes and sliders later in the game, but primarily pitched with his fastball, and that was fantastic. He kept pounding the strike zone with it. That fastball was really, really good tonight -- it had really late life.
Price is sporting a 12-4 record and 2.42 ERA on the year. If you ask me, he's your American League All-Star starter next Tuesday in Anaheim. Hopefully Joe Girardi didn't miss out on Wednesday's action in Tampa.

Speaking of the All-Star game, rock your final vote for one of five leftover guys to make each league's team. You have until 4pm ET today to use your freedom.

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Megs said...

David Price is gonna win a Cy Young someday. You heard it here first folks!!