What's That Sucking Sound?

Oh, it's just the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Coming off the worst road-trip in franchise history with an 0-9 record capping a 10-game skid, the team managed a walk-off home victory Friday against the Colorado Rockies.

And it's not like this is the first time they've sucked all season. The D'Backs 20-34 start marked the second-worst in the team's 13 years in the league, one-upping only the 17-37 record that kicked off their inaugural 1998 season. Those were the days.

Three-time All-Star righty Dan Haren, whose 8-inning shutout was wasted on Tuesday because his team continued to be stingy with run support, had this to say:
No offense to other teams, but if you look at other teams like Pittsburgh or Houston, teams that are struggling, they don’t have near the amount of talent that we have. Something’s wrong and something’s got to be done to fix it... I don’t know what.
Very helpful, Danny. Since you're so concerned, why don't you do something about it, like go out there and hunt down some slumpbusters.

Another strange observation: in his first full season as skipper, one begins to wonder how long A.J. Hinch will last at the helm. I, for one, find it incredibly odd that a front office guy with absolutely no managerial experience at any level up until now is having trouble coaching this club.

Who knows, maybe Dontrelle Willis will save the day.

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Braden said...

If anyone is next in line to be canned, it's A.J. Hinch. You hit the nail on the head with your sarcasm about hiring someone to manage with zero experience! Hind sight is 20/20 I suppose.