Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Ok, BLB readers. I know I've mentioned this before, but it is definitely worth mentioning again. Last week, I took a ride on the TwinsTrain, and I have to say, I am impressed. There's nothing like going to cheer on your team on another team's turf, even if they do get their asses handed to them like the Twins did in Milwaukee this past week. Yuck.

I just had to give Scott, the owner of TwinsTrain, a huge thumbs-up for arranging such an awesome trip. It's hard enough to find tickets, lodging, transportation, parking, food... etc., when you are trying to plan a baseball trip. I should know.

My husband and I are like ballpark groupies. We've done a few trips over the years and it is time consuming and exhausting. Scott thought out every detail of this trip, from getting the tickets, finding our hotel, catering our tailgate party, and even having our bus drop those who still had energy after a day of travel and baseball off downtown for some post-game good times.

There are still a few trips coming up this year, including Detroit in a couple of weeks, where our very own Sooze will be in attendance. Wondering if this trip is right for you? Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do you like baseball? (You're reading this, so I'm assuming that's a yes. Unless you found Babes Love Baseball by searching for porn, as has been known to happen. No, we will not take our clothes off for you.)

2. Want to watch the Twins play in person? (Because you can't get tickets to Target Field because the scalpers are a bunch of a-holes...)

3. Are you too lazy to figure out how to get to another stadium and find a hotel and tickets and all of the other work that goes into getting to the ballgames?

Get a group of your friends together and go. I plan on doing it again as soon as I can. Not a Twins fan or a resident of the Twin Cities metro area? I'm sure there are other similar companies that would do the same thing. Go show your team some love while they're lonely and away from home. They miss you.



Sooze said...

I SO wish we could've gone together this year!! I'm super excited for the Detroit trip though... hopefully they don't suck while we're there. ;)