The Marlins Finally Sell Some Tickets

The Florida Marlins have figured out a way to sell some tickets finally... but they still won't fill the seats. You now can own your very own piece of history - a ticket to Roy Halladay's perfect game against the Marlins from Saturday night. One might wonder why the Marlins would want to sell and celebrate the inability to get a hit or a walk. The answer is simple: they can make a few bucks off of it.

The game on Saturday had a very large crowd for Florida standards - just over 25,000 in paid attendance. This would most likely be because the Phillies were in town, and the residents of south Florida wanted to see one of the best teams in baseball. They also had fireworks at the end of the game. You know people love them some fireworks. Currently, the Marlins have the third lowest attendance rates in all of MLB (with only Toronto and Cleveland below them), and the lowest in all of the National League.

Did I mention that the purchase of your ticket would actually count in the paid attendance for the game, as well? So it's just as though you were there. Except... not.

They must have gotten the idea from the White Sox, who sold the unused tickets for Mark Buehrle's 2009 perfection after the fact. The only difference here is that the White Sox had cause to celebrate their perfect game, since it was THEIR pitcher who achieved it. Also, the Chicago ticket sales did not count in the game's paid attendance.

If you really want your very own piece of baseball history, you can do so by clicking here. Then maybe after you buy it, you can come out to my van to check out an assortment of watches and handbags that are just like the real thing, only... not.

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