Good Job, Billy Wagner

There's something about a grown man who calls himself Billy...

But a closer who records 400 career saves can call himself whatever he wants in our book. Billy Wagner earned that right Friday evening after saving the Atlanta Braves' 3-1 win over the Detroit Tigers. This marks his 15th save of the season, highlighted by a 5-0 record and an impressive 1.19 ERA.

Wagner, who saved his first big league game back in 1996 with the Houston Astros, became the fifth pitcher in the history of the game to record 400 saves and just the second left-hander to do so. The other being John Franco's mustache, of course.

Wagner did it in commanding fashion too, fanning Carlos Guillen, Brandon Inge and Austin Jackson with just 10 pitches. His family in attendance, he had this to say after the feat:

I was nervous, very nervous. We really needed this game and some of these guys can do some damage.
Oh, Billy.

P.S. Brian McCann hit Bomb #100 of his career Friday, as well. Way to go, buddy!

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Jack said...

Good night for my Braves!