Dave Trembley Canned By O's

After nearly three seasons, Dave Trembley has finally been put of his misery. The [former] Baltimore Orioles manager was fired this morning after President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail realized his team was slipping into oblivion yet again.

The Orioles are headed toward their 13th consecutive losing season, sporting the worst record in all of baseball. The team is now sitting at 15-39 after an 0-6 road trip in which they were outscored 34-8 by the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees.

Third base coach Juan Samuel was appointed interim manager by MacPhail, the guy who hired Trembley (187-283 with the O's) to replace Sam Perlozzo back in June of 2007.

Best of luck to you, Juan! You might need it.

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Graham Womack said...

I think in some parallel universe, the Orioles and Pirates are duking it out in the playoffs right now.