Roy Halladay Is Perfect

Cliff who?

Roy Halladay has firmly cemented his place in badass hall of fame. In the Phillies 1-0 victory over the Marlins last night, he pitched the 20th perfect game in MLB history. This is the second perfect outing in the big leagues this season - nay, this MONTH! - after Dallas Braden did it on Mother's Day. Until now, there have never been two perfect games in a season.

If anyone still had any doubts that obtaining Halladay was worth the Phils giving up Cliff Lee, last night's brilliant outing should have obliterated any of those doubts. Not that Lee is doing poorly - he's been fanning people left and right since coming off the DL. He's had two multi-strikeout games, including a complete game against the mighty Tampa Bay Rays. Not too shabby.

The Phillies scored just one run against the Marlins during Saturday's outing, and it was all they needed.

Congratulations, Doc!

PS. Who's coming with me to Milwaukee on the TwinsTrain at the end of June? There are only a few spots left, so hurry up!

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Megs said...

Hard to belive we almost saw the THIRD perfect game of the season tonight. And it's only June 2nd! Hopefully Galarraga and the Tigers can make it happen again someday.