Memorial Day weekend, for most, is supposed to be a relaxing 3 (sometimes 4) day weekend, filled with friends and family, sunshine, lots of beer, lawn games, barbecues, and sunburns. There's also the whole memorial part too, (let's not forget those who have passed, people!). It's the unofficial kick off to summer, a time to celebrate.

Unless you're Kendry Morales.

The Angels' best hitter hit a walk-off grand slam on Saturday night in the tenth to defeat the Seattle Mariners. His entire team rushed the field to celebrate, and as Morales jumped on the plate, he somehow managed to break his left leg. Um, what?

The Halos will definitely miss Kendry's bat. He was leading the team in average (.290), homeruns (11), and RBI's (39). They also aren't quite sure how to fill the first base position yet. They may bring up someone like utility man Robb Quinlan from triple-A, or they might look outside the club at some possible free-agents or a trade. For Sunday's game, they used catcher Mike Napoli at first. In any case, the Angels are hopeful that he'll return before the end of the season.

Oh, and after being down 7-2 going into the fifth, they won on Sunday with ANOTHER walk off, this time off the bat of Howard Kendrick. There was no rushing him at the plate, and he didn't break any bones.

Other notable injuries around the league this weekend:

Our favorite cell phone porn producer Indians centerfielder Grady Sizemore is going to miss 6-8 weeks, needing surgery on his left knee. He COULD be out through the end of the season.

A-Rod tried to kill Indians pitcher David Huff, hitting him with a liner to the head on Saturday. Luckily for Huff, the CT scan showed that he'll be ok. Apparently A-Rod asked the Indians for Huff's cell phone number to apologize. Hey David Huff - if you get any obscene phone calls from someone doing heavy breathing with an attitude, we think we know who it might be.

Twins second baseman Orlando Hudson collided with centerfielder Denard Span during the final out of Sunday's game. Span held on to the ball, ending the game, but the celebration of the sweep of the Rangers had to wait until Hudson was able to get up and walk off the field. He'll have x-rays on his left wrist to make sure everything is ok.

Jacoby Ellsbury got a second opinion on his four cracked ribs. Yep, they're still cracked. He'll be out for a while.

Here's hoping that the rest of the players around MLB have a very safe rest of their Memorial Weekend. That goes for our beloved readers, too.

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Timberhill said...

What's not to be lost in the Hudson wrist injury is the fact that Denard Span's junk is ok after O-Hud slapped it hard in their collision. We can all breathe a deep sigh of relief that Span's penis is ok.