Meet Pierre the Belligerent Buccaneer

If you're unfamiliar with the guys from Nine More Outs, we're delighted to be the ones who introduce you to their hilarity.

The rest of you remember their debut Stadium Schmadium Tour where they infiltrated the Rogers Centre dressed as die hard Toronto Blue Jays fans. They entitled that afternoon of shenanigans A Game of Centimeters. Haven't seen it yet? We'll hang out here while you go laugh until you wet yourself.

Anyways, we've been waiting very patiently. It's been over a year, in fact. Ladies, gentlemen and Bucs fans, Episode 2 of their Stadium Schmadium Tour:

Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball...

Make It Stop.

[Nine More Outs]

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit that was hilarious. When are they coming to Fenway!??!

Marea said...

Poor Bucs fans.. SUCH a gorgeous ballpark.. such a losing team. Maybe Pierre is just what they need to boost them up to take it all??
The better not wait another year for the next one.

DJW said...

it's way cooler to be a fake Pirates fan for one day than it is to be a "real" Yankees fan for a lifetime!!

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