Congratulations, New Guy!

With Nick Punto still on the DL, the Twins called up Aussie infielder Luke Hughes, and today he made his first start at the hot corner. Hughes first came up to the plate at the bottom of the second with two out, but then Delmon Young got caught stealing third. Hughes resumed his plate appearance at the top of the 3rd, and he hit a home run at his very first Major League at bat.

The 25-year-old Hughes was signed by the Twins in 2002, and has been hiding out in the Twins' farm system for the last 7 seasons. Which leads us to ask why the hell we haven't called him up sooner???

On a side note, one of our favorite tater-mashers, Jim Thome, hit bomb number 568 tonight. He's just one shy of tying Rafael Palmero for the number eleven spot in all time home runs. Way to go, Jim Jam!

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Anonymous said...

He's adorable! What is he like, 12? No but seriously, how old is that kid?

Sooze said...

He's almost 26 anonymous, he just hasn't gotten his man muscles yet.


i agree with that he is adorable. hope this guy is good in games.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing Delmon screwed up the inning before! Hughes might not have hit that dinger.