Big Papi Has 99 Problems

New York Yankees fan (and Boston Red Sox hater) rapper Jay-Z is suing the pants of David Ortiz.

Apparently, the rapper and his business partner, Juan Perez, filed a lawsuit against the slumping designated hitter on Thursday for copyright infringement. Big Papi opened a night club in the Dominican Republic and called it "Forty-Forty" which is similar in its name to Jay-Z's "40/40 Club" sports bars.

You know what? This is so dumb. All three of these jokers have more money than God as it is. I'm thrilled to see them fight over their Benjamins.

Maybe MLB should sue Ortiz, since he's never even had 40 homers and 40 steals in a season. Not even in little league.

[Rueters] | [Big League Stew]


Paul said...

LOL, Jay-Z doesn't have a 40-40 season, either. Should MLB sue him?

You're right that this is a joke. Hopefully it's dismissed. I like Jay-Z, but get real. Jose Canseco should sue Jay-Z since he's the charter member.