Ron Washingon Knows How to Party

Ron Washington has called his partaking in powders a "huge mistake" last season, referring to his past use of cocaine, which was made public Wednesday when Major League Baseball announced that he failed a drug test last summer.

Before apologizing for partying like a rock star, the Texas Rangers manager offered to resign as the Rangers' skipper, but team president and former badass Nolan Ryan was not having it.
"I made a huge mistake and it almost caused me to lose everything I have worked for all of my life," he said. "I am not here to make excuses. There are none."
Of course, he admits to using the amphetamine only once.

Texas outfielder Josh Hamilton, who has snorted his fair share of rails in his day, said Washington was "very emotional" and that he could tell that his manager is "a broken man from this one bad choice he made."

Ron Washington wins the 2010 Shocker Award. Already. Seriously, who saw this one coming?

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Graham Womack said...

This would be an ideal time for the Rangers to switch to Pepsi at their ballpark and release commercials saying, "This year, we're going to be Coke free."