Cubs GM Blows a Gasket Over Milton Bradley

Jim Hendry is not impressed with Milton Bradley. Still.

Even though the outfielder is no longer under his supervision since he joined the Seattle Mariners, the Chicago Cubs general manager felt the need to respond to Bradley's latest allegations that the club treated him like crap and the fans were a bunch of racists.
"I think it's time maybe Milton looked himself in the mirror," a slightly pissed off Hendry said Wednesday. "He just didn't swing the bat. He didn't get the job done. It's really unfortunate that you ... try to use the other areas for excuses."
High five, Mr. Hendry. He went on to call the $30 million, three-year deal the club gave Bradley before last season "a mistake" and that the organization as a whole has improved in his absence.

Basically, even the ivy looks healthier without him around.

Bradley batted .257 with 12 homers and 40 RBIs last season amidst regular boos at Wrigley Field. Those boos, he revealed in an ESPN interview that aired on Tuesday, came from racist fans who made him feel "like a prisoner in [his] own home."

Oh my goodness. I hate to be pessimistic here cause that's really not my style, but this guy has a history -- -- of being a total whack job. Have fun with that Mariners fans... for your sake, I hope he does very, very well in Seattle. Otherwise, it's totally gonna be your fault and I don't want to see you get yelled at.

Also, writing this post prompted me to kick it up a notch over at Sports Untapped, where I wrote this ridiculous timeline chronicling his drift to insanity.

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John Kruk said...

It's not like he had car batteries thrown at him! What a pu**y.

Anonymous said...

Really, he'd rather tear his knee up and not play baseball at all than play in Chicago?? GOOD RIDDANCE.

Megs said...

Life isn't fair MB. Get over it and good luck in Seattle.

Marea said...

Oh. Wow.