Babes Love Visiting Ballparks!

Hey Twins fans! Have you always wanted to visit another ballpark but you just don't feel like planning out such a complicated trip? Have you always wanted to meet Sooze or Marea? Come take a ride with the Babes on the TwinsTrain!

Planning out a baseball trip can be time consuming. You have to figure out schedules, find tickets (preferably before you get to the ballpark and you are stuck paying $300 for a seat to a guy with a trenchcoat and a creepy scar above his eye), figure out where you're going to stay, how you're going to get to each city, how you'll get around, and a slew of other details.

My husband and I have gone on a few baseball trips, and it's so exhausting doing all of that planning and driving that you are barely able stay awake for the games you worked so hard to get to.

So, why not let the folks at TwinsTrain do the planning for you? All you have to do is show up. Starting as low as $179 per person, you get transportation, tickets to two games, a hotel room, and pre-game catered parties. I will be venturing to Milwaukee June 23-24, and Sooze will be heading to Detroit July 9-11.

And for those of you (our moms) who are concerned about our safety while posting our whereabouts on the interwebs, don't worry, we've got full security detail and big, burly men with us.

For information regarding TwinsTrain, visit their website at TwinsTrain.com, or check them out on or .


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