Tragedy Befalls Kansas City

Tragedy has struck Kaufmann Stadium.

Sluggerrr the Lion, mascot for the Kansas City Royals, is accused of mauling a fan at a September 2009 game. Ok. So he didn't maul the guy, he merely attacked him with his weiner. Tee hee.

Taking cues from Minnesota fans amidst Chuck Knoblauch, Sluggerrr threw a hot dog that allegedly detatched a fan's retina and eventually brought on cataracts. What actually happened is Sluggerrr had been using an air gun to shoot hot dogs into the stands, and then started throwing the weiners by hand.

The fan is now suing the team for $25,000 for negligence and battery because they apparently "failed to adequately train its agents ... in the proper method in which to throw hot dogs into the stands at Kauffman Stadium."

Sluggerrr has yet to issue a statement.


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Sooze said...

Holy crap, that's almost as much as their payroll!