So Ready For Baseball to Get Here

So I've started a new blogging endevor over at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where I get to talk about the Minnesota Twins as much as I want, hopefully without being called a shameless homer. Never fear though, BLB will stay right where it is chock full of the usual sassy baseball commentary and dick jokes.

Here's a snippet from my very first post over there - head on over, check it out and leave a comment! I'd love nothing more than your feedback.

Things to love about Target Field

My friend Marea and I are pretty excited to get all bundled up for our first trip to Target Field, where we'll watch the Minnesota Twins play the St. Louis Cardinals April 3 at their very first home exhibition series.

Since we're both Minnesota natives, we're used to the chilly April weather, the likelihood of snow, possibility of sleet, and that overall feeling of "When the crap is Spring going to get here?" Luckily, nothing cures cabin fever better than baseball, even if it is only 35 degrees outside. Who needs a roof in the winter? Sissies, that's who.

Walleye on a Stick: Walleye is one of my favorite things in the world to eat, so I'm pretty annoyed that I didn't ever think of putting it on a stick. On the other hand, slather anything in tartar sauce and I'll call it a meal. Along with other Taste of Minnesota-type treats, Target Field concessions will also be serving pork chops on a stick and wild rice soup (not on a stick.) Delicious...

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Marea said...

I'm not sure what's more exciting?! Your new blog or the fact we are going to sit amongst the rest of the non-sissies at the MVP vs MVP exhibition game. YAY SOOZE!