Grady Sizemore is Sorry About That

Grady Sizemore has publicly addressed last November's nude photo scandal that shocked all of Cleveland, Ohio and some of the rest of the country, apologizing to his fans and the organization for the "embarrassment" it has caused.

Grady, you have nothing to be ashamed of, but hopefully you've learned a valuable lesson here: Never, ever, under any circumstances, email, picture-mail, snail-mail, or fax risque photos of yourself. They could be used against you in the future by scorned old flames or ex-wives. Or... of course, they could be "stolen from your email account."

Does anyone actually believe that?

Speaking of shamelessness, we were "part of the problem" when we posted the Indians' center fielder's Myspacey Sexytime self portraits here on Babes Love Baseball. We are not sorry. Or embarrassed.

The three-time All-Star underwent offseason elbow and abdomen surgeries and has been given the go-ahead by his doctors who say Sizemore won't have any limitations when training camp opens in a few weeks.
"I’ve been hitting and throwing and lifting and running and looking sexy everything has felt good," he said.
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TwinsGoddess said...

While I am very disappointed in Mr. Sizemore's choices, I can't say I didn't enjoy them thorougly. I'm not sorry, either.