These Guys Kick Ass At Baseball

There are just three days left of the year 2009, so it’s time once again to travel back through the years and discuss some of the Most Memorable Sports Moments of the decade. Instead, we’re going to assemble a controversial all-decade baseball team from the glorious 2000s.

That sounds like way more fun, right? Right.

First Base: Albert Pujols. Like there was ever any argument. Prince Albert’s numbers speak for themselves: a .314 batting average, 40 doubles, 34 homers, 127 RBIs, and 118 runs scored make up his crappiest season of the decade. Since being drafted in the 13th round by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1999, he has managed to improve his game from every angle every season. In 2009, Pujols snagged 16 bases, walked 115 times and hit 47 home runs. All career highs.

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Megs said...

MAN MUSCLES FTW!!!!! However, my honorable mention would've been Posada rather than Pudge. Sadly, they all just fade into the shadow of Mauer's limelight. :)