Seriously? Milton Bradley?

Seriously, Mariners?You now, I was really excited for the Seattle Mariners for a little while there. They were movin' and shakin' all over the place this winter.

First they signed Chone Figgins, adding some speed and pop to the top of their batting order. Also, he's great defensively and can play pretty much anywhere. It's not like they had to break the bank, either. They managed to grab the second third baseman for $36 million over four years with a possible 2014 option. Not bad.

Then, they nabbed a whopper: 2008 AL Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee, who will be one half of what is likely to be one of the most killer one-two punches in baseball along with Felix Hernandez.

The Mariners were beginning to take shape as the team to contend with in the AL West.

Then they totally crapped the bed. Milton Bradley you guys? Are you joking me? Do you not read the news, Jack Zduriencik? You'll regret this, buddy. Mark my words. That dude is loony toons. A bad egg. A rotten apple. He'll bring dysfunction to your happy family... and he's not really that good at baseball anymore, either.

Get ready to be persecuted, Seattle fans. It's going to be your fault soon enough.

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Griffin said...

Couldn't disagree more. They traded a completely useless player and a small amount of money, for a potentially very useful player with huge upside. Milton Bradley has been well above average offensively for 7 consecutive seasons (yes, even in 2009). Seattle is by far the best fit for a player like Bradley. The media is much less intense, the fans are much less intense, and he's been coached by Wakamatsu before... with no problems.

And if for whatever reason things don't work out, they can cut him with minimal losses. The fact is, they just seriously improved their team and effectively pushed themselves past the Angels talent-wise. Yet another absolutely brilliant move by Jack Zduriencik.