Jason Bay Saves the Mets!

Apparently, the New York Mets believe that Jason Bay is worth $66 million and four years of their time. Again.

The free agent outfielder has agreed to terms for just that heading into 2010, bringing more hype to the big apple than hope. Bay, 31, will play left field and bat somewhere in the middle of the lineup.

Sure, he had Alex Rodriguez-like numbers last season, nailing 36 homers (30 in four of his last five seasons) and 119 RBI with 13 stolen bags, but he also hit just .267 and struck out 162 times.

Sadly, I'm not so sure Citi Field is going to be as kind 81 games out of the year as Fenway was to Bay. Let's compare this situation to that of David Wright, who racked up 33 homers and 124 RBI in 2008 at Shea Stadium. The following season he hit double digits again! Ten home runs and 74 runs driven in at the Mets' new abode. Ouch. Last year's team leader in longballs? Daniel Murphy with 12.

The only way Bay hits 25 over the fence or passes the 100-RBI mark in 2010 is if he hides a horseshoe in his jock.

However, there are those who believe he will actually hit more homers at Citi Field. Though no one can accurately predict what he will hit based on the past, what with him moving to a different league with different opponents and all, Mets fans can only hope.

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Marty said...

I am so pissed about this deal. Sutpid, stupid, stupid.