We Heart You, J.J. Hardy

J.J. Hardy has officially become the second-smoking-hottest third-smoking-hottest Minnesota Twin (second and third to Man Muscles and Nickgasm, of course) after being traded away from the Milwaukee Brewers for outfielder and all-around spazatron Carlos Gomez.

Welcome to Minnesota, big guy.

More on this and other Hot Stove goodness after I stop drooling.

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Megs said...


TwinsGoddess said...

Excuse me, but that would be THIRD hottest, after Man Muscles and Mr. Nick "Is it warm in here or is it just me?" Blackburn.

Sooze said...

I stand corrected. How on earth could I forget about Dreamy Sideburns #2???? I guess those baby blue eyes of Hardy's skewed my vision.

TwinsGoddess said...

Totally understandable.