Right Through The Very Heart Of It

I wanna be a part of it.
New York, New York.

After waiting nine long years for Championship #27, the New York Yankees poured out of the dugout to celebrate their World Series victory as the last groundball of the season was scooped up and lobbed to first base for the final out.

Hideki Matsui tied a World Series record with six RBIs, while Andy Pettitte earned the win on just three days rest as the Yankees took Game 6 away from the Philadelphia Phillies with a final score of 7-3 Wednesday night.

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Marea said...

You forgot to use the tag 'blah blah steroids'...
(although.. I am happy for Captian Cheeseburger and Mark Texiera.. they may be ruining the salaries and any chances the small market teams have, but at least they haven't cheated.. yet.

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