Man Muscles Dominates MVP Voting

Joe Mauer  is your 2009 American League Most Valuable Player. And rightfully so!

Receiving 27 of 28 first-place tallies, Man Muscles nearly swept the voting. Mark Teixeira was second and his New York Yankees teammate Derek Jeter finished third behind the Minnesota Twins catcher while Detroit Tigers' first baseman Miguel Cabrera finished fourth.

Cabrera received the one and only first place vote that did not go to Mauer. For the record, that BBWAA writer is an idiot.

After missing the entire month of April, Mauer batted .365 with 28 home runs and 96 RBIs to earn his record-setting third batting title as a backstop. That's right, he's the only catcher in the history of the game to win three batting championships, and just the tenth player to ever accomplish the feat. What a badass.

His 191 hits included 30 doubles and one triple, with a .444 OBP and .587 slugging percentage to aid the Twins in an improbable September run to the playoffs... where they were promptly swept by the eventual World Champion Yankees.

The 26-year-old Minnesota native could leave the team like every other successful former Twin has done when he has the opportunity to become a free agent after his $12.5 million 2010 season. Minnesota brass, however, are expected to try to sign him to a new deal, in which Mauer has offered an undisclosed "home-town discount." That's pretty sweet for the Twins since he'd be getting a gazillion dollars anywhere else.

Check back to read about Albert Pujols' National League MVP award, which will be announced Tuesday afternoon.

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Megs said...



I thought this might make a good little Baseball & Art story for your blog – my baseball stamp art won first prize at MUFI in MEXICO.

Take a look: http://storefrontwindows.blogspot.com/2009/11/rubens-rounding-third-art-of-baseball.html

Rubens Rounding Third!



Bassmaster said...

He deserved it so much more than Jeter or Tex - I'm very glad the voting went his direction. What's up with the dude who voted for Cabrera?

DL said...

yeah...I would have considered Orlando Cabrera before I considered Miguel Cabrera. That writer's an absolute moron and embodies everything that is wrong with the baseball media. This decision was beyond easy.

Marea said...

I think that the one idiot BBWAA voter was Cabrera's mom?
I mean, I can see if they had voted for Jeter or Tex (not that they deserved it over Joe either) but REALLY?!?!

Sooze said...

Some people just can't help but be disagreeable.


Well deserved. Well deserved.

Anonymous said...

To echo Red Sox Monster, it was well deserved, which is why it pises me off that there was any doubt to begin with!

49er16 said...

Turns out that one voter was from Seattle. Some people should never have a vote.

Bradon said...

49er16 - what on earth was he thinking? At least vote for Ichiro in at position.