Chase Utley Is Pretty Good At Baseball

What. A. Studmuffin.

Not to take anything away from the entire Philadelphia Phillies rotation and lineup, but Chase Utley can really swing a bat.

In a must-win situation for his team, Chutley launched a 4-seam fastball from New York Yankees starter A.J. Burnett to the right field seats in the bottom of the first inning to give the reigning Champs a 3-1 lead. Why is this special? It marks his fourth longball of the World Series and fifth of this postseason, which is the most in MLB history for a second baseman.

That my friends, is what we like to refer to as badass.

Update: Holy crap. Utley has tied Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson's record for most longballs in a World Series, giving the Phils a 7-2 lead when he jacked a 3-2 fastball from Yanks reliever Phil Coke with nobody out in the seventh. Five bombs in four games for Chutley. Wow.


Phanatical said...

BADASS is right! Go Phillies!! Stayin alive so far, only 3 1/2 more innings to go until we go back to the Big Apple!