There's Always Next Year, Sox Fans

Well, I pretty much needed a good 24 hours after my team was eliminated from the playoffs to regroup. You'll be happy to know I've moved on and it's time to make fun of the losers. Yes, even my Twins.

The Los Angeles Angels rallied from a 5-1 deficit in Game 3 of their ALDS against the Boston Red Sox to come out on top with the sweep. Big hits, amazing catches and fantastic pitching -- not to mention the memory of fallen teammate Nick Adenhart -- has carried this team through the postseason thus far.

But enough about the Halos and their broom-bringing badassery. Let's enjoy some heart-wrenching Beantown photography. Nice work, Papelboner.

Winner Winner ALCS Dinner...
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Don't Jump...
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Campbell said...

I'm still in shock that I won't be watching a Red Sox world series this season.