Mark McGwire: Back in the Game

For those of you who assumed Mark McGwire was gone from baseball for good, think again.

Though he hasn't been even the smallest percentage as irritating as former Bash Brother Jose Canseco, McGwire has been accused of being a big, fat, dirty cheater and also, a liar liar pants on fire.

Of course, that has nothing to do with knowing how to crush baseballs. Therefore, he will return to the field as the St. Louis Cardinals' new hitting coach. Tony La Russa, who agreed Monday to return for a one more season as the club's manager, is hanging onto all of his coaching staff, except for one guy: hitting specialist Hal McRae.

McGwire, who has worked with the likes of Matt Holliday in recent offseasons from his California home, has received just under 25% support from voters in his years on the Hall of Fame ballot. Maybe this stint with the Cards will help polish his tarnished image? La Russa hopes so.
"I’m a big fan of his," the skipper said. "He’s back in uniform and, hopefully, people will see his greatness. But the #1 reason he’s here is to coach our hitters."
Of course we forgive McGwire, it's not our style to hold a grudge. Pretty hard to forget the obstinate denial during the 2005 congressional hearing on steroids in baseball, though.

It's also tough to forget how amazing he was to watch when we were kids, how he saved the game of baseball by smashing every ball he saw over the fence, and how my brother and I would get into fist fights over who was better: him or Canseco.

Welcome back, Big Mac.

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Anonymous said...

"Welcome back, Big Mac."
Well put, Sooze. I'm really getting tired of every blog dissing him and refusing to forgive him for his mistake.

Pacquiao vs. Cotto said...

That's good to hear. Congratulations. :)
Welcome back Big Mac.

Megs said...

Poor Hal McRae.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Big Mac!!!!!

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