Joe Mauer's Not a Cheater Lalalalalala

Joe Mauer was tipping pitches to Jason Kubel? Yeah, I'm a total homer when it comes to Man Muscles, so I could give a crap whether people think he's a cheater or not. In fact, he could do some pretty scandalous things (aside from steroid use) and I would still love him to pieces.

However, stealing signs isn't exactly cheating. All Mauer did was give his team a much-needed edge in the midst of a playoff hunt while facing a tough pitcher on his own turf. Anyway, the Twins -- who prolonged their playoff push for one more day this afternoon -- have denied all accusations.

Here's the video, courtesy of Isaac, from the World of Isaac, who I love regardless of his Detroit Tigerness.

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Megs said...

Kubel needs all the help he can get.