J-Roll is a Confident Man

Jimmy Rollins is either trying to get a rise out of the New York Yankees and their fans, or he's just exercising his psychic powers. Also, he believes Elton John is the greatest switch-hitter of all time.
"Of course we’re going to win," he said on The Jay Leno Show Monday night. "If we’re nice we’ll let it go six, but I’m thinking five. Close it out at home."
Well, that was nice to give the Yanks a game.

Game 1 of Cheesesteak vs. Cheesecake airs Wednesday night at 7:57pm ET on FOX. Enjoy your Buck/McCarver dosage... or just drink a lot.

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Peter said...

How could anyone not love J-Roll! He's hilarious. This is one of his funniest jokes yet. GO YANKS.

Megs said...

Haha! Size does matter.

Anonymous said...

Rollins nickname makes me wanna burn one.