J-Roll Comes Up Huge for Reigning Champs

With two gone in the ninth and his team down by a run, Jimmy Rollins lined a 99 mph fastball from All-Star closer Jonathan Broxton for a two-run double to help his Philadelphia Phillies rally over the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-4 Monday night.

Make that a 3-1 lead in the NLCS for the Phightin Phils, who now need just one win to punch their World Series ticket.

Rollins, who struggled much of the regular season to find his bat and hit just 3-for-18 in the series up until then, was clobbered by his teammates pretty much immediately after rounding second. Even Jamie Moyer (who just had surgery and is rather old) hobbled out to congratulate his teammate. Ryan Howard, who has a new-found speed, pummeled him first.
"I’m all right," the 5'-8" J-Roll said, just before getting pied in the face. "I had to curl up in the fetal position and throw some punches of my own."
Man, it's been a tough postseason for closers.

Game 5 is set for Wednesday night at Citizen's Bank Park, with Vicente Padilla taking the mound for the Dodgers against lefty Cole Hamels at 8:07pm ET.

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Megs said...

Don't crush little Jimmy!!

Anonymous said...

What a finish!! Two of the most exciting ball games of the year tonight.

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