162 Games Just Aren't Enough

One year after losing a 1-0 heart-breaker to the Chicago White Sox in a one-game playoff, the Minnesota Twins will host the Detroit Tigers Tuesday in a tiebreaker for the American League Central title. The winner will head to the playoffs and the loser will head back to Detroit home.

This marks the second year in a row that the Twins have needed a 163rd game to end their season, a first for baseball.

Just a month ago, the Twins were seven games behind the Tigers in the division race. A week ago, they were three down with four to play. And after winning 16 of their last 20, over 50,000 Metrodome seats sold out within minutes of going on sale Sunday for the tiebreaker.

Meanwhile, the Tigers, who will look to rookie Rick Porcello (14-9, 4.04 ERA) on Tuesday, lost 15 of their last 26 games to let Minnesota's foot back in the door. It doesn't help when one of your star players abandons his team to get hammered with the White Sox the night before an incredibly important game, either. I'd be pissed if I was his wife, too.

The Twins will put righty Scott Baker (15-9, 3.32 ERA) on the hill, two days after using almost their entire rotation to complete the sweep of the Kansas City Royals.

Man, it's gonna get rowdy in there. I get to share the bittersweet rowdiness with my little sister, at the last regular season game ever at a stadium which has brought us incredible memories over the last 27 years. Pretty much as pumped as I've ever been in my entire life. Feel free to for live updates from the Dome!

P.S. check out this spankin' new baseball blog, Chasing Cooperstown. It's gonna be awesome.

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Porcello's ERA is 4.04.

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