Your Team Sucks Haiku Contest

Babes Love Baseball has teamed up with TBS Hot Corner to hold a contest to see who can write the best haiku for grieving fans whose teams are already or soon-to-be done for the 2009 season.

Be thoughtful or crass, sympathetic or sarcastic. We don't care. We're just going to choose the one we like best -- from the comments section -- and pick the winner on Monday, October 5th.

The TBS Hot Corner Prize Pack includes an Adidas Laptop Bag, a Nike Golf Longsleeve pullover, a sleeve of Nike ONE golf balls and a 16 oz. Tervis Tumbler. The BLB Prize Pack includes a BLB hat and t-shirt.

Okay, go.


Hef said...

This one is specific to the Arizona Cardinals:

Antrelle Rolle once bit
on a fake tennis ball throw,
just like my dumb dog.

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