And I Got Mad Hits Like I Was Rod Carew

Ichiro Suzuki, being the total badass that he is, reached his ninth consecutive 200-hit season Sunday night after the second game of a double header against the Texas Rangers.

No one in the history of baseball has ever had that many 200-hit seasons in a row, now that the Seattle Mariners right fielder has passed up the legendary Wee Willie Keeler, who enjoyed eight consecutive 200-hit seasons from 1894-1901. Even more impressive? That record was 108 years old.

Post game, teammate Ken Griffey Jr. picked up Ichiro, slung him over his shoulder and carried him to the showers, where teammates then treated him to a beer shower.


Ichiro is now batting .353 on the season with 9 homers and 40 RBIs.

P.S. I missed you guys.

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IFChris said...

Because Suzuki can't, won't and doesn't stop.

/Rocking the Sure Shot

bronxbomber said...

He's rockin the sure shot!

If you want to talk about mad hits, let's talk Jeter.

2,722 baby!