The Real Wrigley Alcohol Abuser Turns Himself In

Well, at least he did the right thing for a change, since the idiot security folk got the wrong guy.

After Shane Victorino filed a police report Thursday (not sure how I feel about that move) the dumbass who poured an $8.50 beer, timed to perfection, atop the Philadelphia Phillies centerfielder's head turned himself into authorities.

The charge? Battery. Yeah. Battery via over-priced beer.

In case you don't know the whole story even after watching the above video, Victorino was nailed by a plastic cup of beer which was hurled from the bleachers while trying to catch a routine fly ball in his team's 12-5 win over the Chicago Cubs Wednesday. He still managed to catch the ball too, cause that's just how All-Stars roll.
"It’s part of the game," Victorino said. "It’s one of those things that happens and I just want to make sure that guy gets what’s due... I think he needs to be held accountable. But for the most part, I just see it as the guy thought it was fun. It is what it is. It didn’t cost me in any way and it didn’t hurt me in any way. It’s part of the ballgame."
Yet, he filed a police report.

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