Twitter 1, Tony La Russa 0

In case you were wondering what ever happened to that Tony La Russa v. case, he has quietly dropped his law suit against the social networking site which people use to distribute news, links and tell us what their cat is up to.

The lawsuit, originally filed back in May in San Francisco Superior Court before being transferred to federal court in June, alleged trademark infringement, "cybersquatting" and misappropriation of his name. Basically, someone set up a Twitter account in La Russa'a name and then said a bunch of dumb crap about his DUI and the recent deaths of St. Louis Cardinals players. This apparently caused him emotional stress, so he sued.

Twitter resolved the dispute by deleting the account in accordance with its Terms and Agreement and didn't end up paying the Cardinals manager a dime toward legal fees. They also didn't make any sort of donation toward his Animal Rescue Foundation. Poor puppies.

[Big League Stew] | [Mashable!] | [The Legalizer]


Megs said...

Ha! Poor kitties too.

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