Tater Tot Hot Dish: National League

The National League contestants for this year's Home Run Derby have been announced! Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols and Adrian Gonzalez -- all four monster first basemen from the senior circuit -- will vy for the All-Star Longball Crown next Monday night on ESPN.

Now! Head over to our Home Run Derby Challenge post (where we're giving away a BLB ballcap, possibly some other goodies, and entering the winner of our choice in a chance to win two World Series tickets) and comment on which of these four sluggers you think will hit the most bombs.

However, if none of these big guys trip your trigger, you can always wait until the American League participants are announced later on, and make your choice then. You can only comment once over there, so choose wisely!

[MLB] | [FanHouse]


Megs said...

Holy first basemen batman! Looks like there will be at least one more added to the mix when Morneau hits for the AL. And then wins it all.

Timberhill said...

Hopefully the AL is Morneau, Carlos Pena, Mark Teixeira, and Russell Branyan.

Sooze said...

Then we could just call it the Awesome First Basemen Who Hit Lots of Longballs Derby

Timberhill said...

Oh wait, it's only All-Stars that compete in the derby isn't it? I guess that strikes Pena and Branyan from my hopes of an all 1B derby.

Foss said...

I'm surprised the "stars" continue to do these activities...amazing

Marea said...

My money is still on Pujols. Crazy beast.

Samuel Sundermeyer said...

I'd like to see Branyan just go off and win the thing. Wouldn't that be great?

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