Scott and Russ: Rival Buddies at the Mall

So I ran into these guys at the Mall of America this afternoon, me a mangled mess after a good seven hour stint inside Nickelodeon Universe. Yeah.... I'll take a beer now, please.

Anyhow, I stopped them and took their picture, informed them I'd make them famous on BLB and harassed them for a couple of questions. The guy on the right, who I obviously got along with best (Man Muscles Jersey!) is named Scott Anderson. Scott is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, but is currently studying in enemy territory as a pharmacy student at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

That is where he met the dude on the left, Russ Tett. Clearly a Sox fan. He and I cannot be friends. Turns out Sox fans travel in packs, as Russ and Scott had two stragglers join them later on, who also just happened to be South Siders: Joe, who "hates the Twins" and also "hates Scott Anderson", and a guy named Chris who had a pretty sweet cap (for a Sox lid) but didn't really talk much. He must have been nervous to visit the Dome during the Nick Blackburn start this evening. It gets pretty rowdy up in there, ya know.

Some sideburns just cannot be stopped. Plus, Danks pretty much stinks.

After telling them some dumb stories about my hay days in Chicago, how awesome outdoor baseball is, and how Joe Mauer accepted his invitation to the Homer Derby (Man Muscles!) we parted ways. I was in such a hurry to get out of that dump which used to be a beautiful ball field, that I forgot to ask them the most important question in the world. No, not "What is that thing on John Danks chin."

Russ and Scott, if you ever read this, I'd love an answer in the comments section...

Russ: Do you miss Joe Crede? Don't lie to me.

Scott: HOW AWESOME IS JOE CREDE?! I have a Joegasm every time he swings the bat.

Have fun at the game tonight fellas!

P.S. If any of you readers have other rival photos you'd like to send along with a story, you can reach us at babeslovebaseball@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

The Twins are dominating Danks so far!