Ryan Dempster: Twinkle Toes

Beware the dugout railingApparently, Ryan Dempster is sort of a klutz. The Chicago Cubs righty was hopping the railing from the dugout to celebrate Sunday’s win over the Milwaukee Brewers when one of his legs got tangled up and caught. He landed pretty hard and hurt his toe, resulting in a non-displaced fracture. (It's broken.)

Can we see the video on this please?

Dempster was supposed to pitch Tuesday night against the Atlanta Braves, but now he'll be missing at least his next three starts. In fact, he may miss up to a month. Smooth move, big guy. Gotta love a pitcher who lands on the DL due to an injury he sustained off the mound.

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Andrew said...

Baseball Schadenfreude is alive and well for Andrew!