Proud To Be An American Eh, Jason Bay?

Boston Red Sox slugger Jason Bay is a lover of America’s pastime, and now he gets to be an American. That must feel pretty good after striking out five times yesterday against the Baltimore Orioles.


The Canadian left fielder will become a U.S. citizen this afternoon in a ceremony at Faneuil Hall in Boston. Bay, a native of British Columbia, is following in the footsteps of Dominican-born teammate David Ortiz, who was sworn in last summer at Fenway Park.

At least he waited until the day after Canada Day.

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eyebleaf said...

5 strikeouts? Who does he think he is, Alex Rios?

Any video of him going ape shit on some guy calling him a bum?


I love Jason Bay. I dream of him in a Blue Jays uniform. It's a nice dream.