Man Muscles is Official

Man Musces!After going 3-for-5 last night against the New York Yankees (and only a triple shy away from the cycle), Joe Mauer is now eligible to win the batting title. Due to missing the first month of the season with some back pain following kidney surgery during the off season, it took until yesterday to reach the required average of 3.1 at bats per game to officially join the race. Oh, and he hit career high bomb #15 last night. Incredible.

Joe is still dangerously close to hitting .400 this year - as of last night he's still hitting .388 - well above #2 Ichiro Suzuki, who's batting .356 as of Tuesday.

National League leader Hanley Ramirez is sitting at .346.

Former teammate Torii Hunter was right when he predicted what Joe would do when he got his man muscles.