The Final All-Star Votes Have Been Rocked

Inge and Victorino are your final two All-Stars

The fans have spoken. On-line voters -- a record 68.6 million -- have chosen to send Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino and Detroit Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge (not Miguel Cabrera...ahem) to the 80th annual All-Star game in St. Louis.

Victorino beat out Pablo Sandoval, Mark Reynolds, Matt Kemp and Cristian Guzman to earn a spot on the National League roster. Meanwhile, Inge overcame fans of Ian Kinsler, Chone Figgins, Carlos Pena and Adam Lind to become the final American League All-Star.

Finally, two players whose stats speak for their popularity. Inge has 19 bombs on the season with 54 runs batted in and Victorino is batting .308 with 15 stolen bases.

Congratulations guys!

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Megs said...

Brandon Inge? Ugh.