The Angels are Screwed

LA Angels of Anaheim (that is what they're still called right?) outfielders Torii Hunter and Vladimir Guerrero have both been placed on the 15 day DL. Hunter has a right groin strain, which has been bugging him on and off since May. Vlad has a strained muscle behind his left knee and a strained hamstring.

Hunter was set to make his first All Star appearance as an Angel - he'd been in twice before while playing for the Minnesota Twins. Who could forget when he robbed Barry Bonds of a homerun during his first All Star Game in 2002? (After which, in a fit of roid rage Barry ran out and hoisted Torii over his shoulder and if all of America hadn't been watching, he probably would have body slammed him. Supposedly it was all in fun.. But I bet security was poised and ready to shoot horse tranquilizers at Bonds....)

Hunter and Guerrero are the #3 and #4 hitters for the Angels, and will be sorely missed. The Angels just fell out of first place in the AL West, and are now a half game behind Texas. The Halos are probably praying they don't skid too far behind without two of their best hitters. Get well soon, guys!



Megs said...

"The Angels are screwed"

Yes. yes they are.